These are my Diary Notes published to the Internet!

You can find here a larger set of lower quality photogrphies together with some diary-like comments. I'm writing this diary mainly for my friends. (So, most of the comments will be written in German which is my mother tongue.) Moreover, some photos of it are also part of e-mails I wrote to those friends (so this diary will implicitly be visited when they're looking at their mails!...).

Some rare photographies in this diary, however, are made in a very good photo quality. They are actually part of my site's Photography section rather than of the Diary; within the Diary they are just lent. These photographies are signaled by a symbol. - If you want to have a look at how they are presented in the original Photography section just click on that symbol!

I started thinking about adding a Diary section to my Homepage in the Summer Holidays 2004.

First select a year (or simply scroll down to it) and then choose any entry of that year!

The Years:

The Year 2003:
Autumn Skiing Holidays

The Year 2004:
Skiing Holidays
Summer Holidays
Autumn Skiing Holidays
Christmas Lights of Zurich

The Year 2005:
Skiing Holidays

The Year 2006:
Skiing Holidays

The Year 2007:
Skiing Holidays

The Year 2023:
Spring and Early Summer
Summer Time

The Year 2024:
Südtirol & Cavallino


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