This is my Calling Card!

Renatus Reiser

My Address:

Renatus Reiser
Spycherweg 1
CH-7276 Davos Frauenkirch

My Phone Number:

+41 81 4164165

My Fax Number:

+41 86 0794885641

My Mobile Phone Number:

+41 79 4885641

My CompuServe Fax & Voice Number:

+49 40 7511 006199   (outdated)

(You may send a fax or a voice mail to this number at any time
and it will be translated and sent to me as an e-mail!)

My e-mail Address:

Note: Persons unknown to me should use a keyword actually set to MKA: within the mail's subject.
Otherwise their mails might be removed from the server without being downloaded. (I don't like spam...)

My ICQ Number:

39722762   (outdated)

My Netscape AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name:

rpreiserch   (outdated)

My Homepage:

My WAP page:   (outdated)

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And, last but not least, here's a very good friend of mine:


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